Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm Still Painting!

First, I want to say, it’s a good thing my blog is not about daily posting or I would be a complete failure! I’m well into the second quarter of the second year of my daily painting effort. (With one small caveat, that I paint most days - Monday thru Friday.)  In his book, Outliers, Malcom Gladwell suggests that it takes approximately four years of concentrated study to become an expert in a particular area. I’m not quite half way there, but I am certainly enjoying the journey.

After many months of being incommunicado, I’m going to post quite a few paintings - both old and new, along with prices and size information. Colors are not quite true depending on your computer monitor. Be sure to check previous blog entries, since I will be adding pricing information to those as well. Enjoy the show!

Rosie Radishes
(8 X 8) $100

(6 X 8) $100

Moo Cow Creamer

Lemons and Daisies
(8 X 8) $100

Calla Lillies
(8 X 8) $100

Autumn Gourds
(8 X 8) $100

Bowl of Beauty
(8 X 10) Sold

Tea and Roses (Lenten)
(8 X 10) $150

Peonies for Michele
(8 X 10) Sold

Summer Cherries
(8 X 8) $100

Pretty in Pink
(8 X 8) $100

It's All About the Brass
(12 X 12) $250

Asian Jar
(8 X 10) $150

Summer Zinnias
(8 X 11) $150

Blue Bird
(9 X 12) $200